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The Planets -

A Multimedia Extravaganza

April 29

Sunday, 2:30

Auburn Performing Arts Center

Close the season with a multimedia experience for the whole family!

The Auburn Symphony Orchestra's first multimedia concert, a special presentation of Holst's The Planets, will feature guest conductor Anthony Spain and Seattle artist Adrian Wyard.

Wyard will provide live visual accompaniment, with dazzling space imagery matching the orchestra's music performance beat by beat!

All of the images, which include photos and videos and animations, are all based on truth and incorporate real NASA images from rovers, satellites, and other spacecraft.

The visuals and music together will create a dramatic, immersive experience. It should be extremely fun for all ages!

Holst - The Planets

Grofe - Grand Canyon Suite

This concert is sponsored in part by the

Washington State Arts Commission and the City of Auburn.

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After more than two years of searching for, interviewing, and auditioning candidates, we are thrilled to announce Wesley Schulz as our new Music Director.

You can meet Schulz as he attends our annual gala  auction and wine event in April.

He will take the podium and lead our orchestra beginning with the start of our next season in October.

Photo courtesy of Wesley Schulz and photographer Kurt Smith

Here are just a few excerpts from the writing of Robert Whale at the Auburn Reporter:

Lee Valenta, general manager of the Auburn Symphony Orchestra, described some of the newly-minted maestro’s special qualities.
“He’s very engaging, and I think that was one of the elements that helped us decide. Given that he met all the other criteria, that was an important part of it, and I think we just liked what we saw on all levels. He had the hard and soft skills,” Valenta said.
“I tell people – and I mean it honestly – this is one of the best regional orchestras in the Pacific Northwest.” - Wesley Schulz
“We are all looking to share this art form with young people as an option for their appreciation, or perhaps to spark young people’s interest in picking up an instrument some day. We want to expand our role in that capacity, seeing what we can do with schools in the Auburn area and other youth organizations.” - Wesley Schulz
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To read the Auburn Reporter's full article on Schulz and his new position, click here.


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A little wine, a little music


Join us for our annual fundraising event!

Evening includes silent auction, live auction, dinner, and wine tasting with:

           Dusted Valley, Walla Walla

          College Cellars, Walla Walla

          Ginkgo Forest, Prosser


April 21st, 6:00 p.m.

Meridian Valley Country Club in Kent

Generously sponsored by Boeing